Life.  Some see it as a randomly assigned smattering of days with no purpose.  Others believe in divine appointments they rarely keep.  For most, ordinary.  But it doesn't have to be.   What if we dared to go the narrow way? Join me in taking THE FAITH DARE.

Caution: Participating in this challenge might force you to give up some of the things (people?) dearest to you. This challenge could change your life.  Join at your own risk.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

FAITHdare #16: Humble Repentance

I pray I will never cease to be amazed and grateful when I think of the cross. When pride creeps in, it is easy to fall into the trap of thinking, "I'm not really that bad." Well, to put it lightly, I am. Praise God I have a Savior who has taken away those stains!

Does that mean I no longer need to repent for my sin?

I don't claim to have extensive theological knowledge in this realm. I only know that, in my life, pride tends to nip at the heels of a lack of repentance. How about you?

Do you take your guilt and shame and daily lay it at the foot of the cross? Do you have a habit of repentance?

I admit that I don't. But I need to.

FAITHdare # 16: Humble Repentance
Create a daily habit of repentance.

For those of you who faithfully practice the spiritual discipline of repentance, how do you do it? What does repentance look like in your life? How do you balance attitudes of humble repentance and acceptance of grace? Thanks for sharing!

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